Don’t drop or loose your cellphone again
Introducing myBunjee® an ingenious device that simply slips over and secures any mobile phone, preventing it from hitting the deck by way of a coiled bunjee cord that clips to your jacket, belt loop or bag/handbag.
The coil extends to allow full usage of mobile whilst attached. The approximate drop when attached to a phone is 60cm therefore for children we recommend looping the bunjee through 2 belt loops.

Designed to fit all phone sizes

The myBunjee® adapts to fit any phone. Keep your phones safe, protected and available at all times.

Robust and CLIPS to everything

Clip it to your jeans, your bag, your belt – wherever! myBunjee®’s unique design keeps your phone close and safe

Light Grey

Branding Guide

Printed front and back see image for examples

Price Guide

Price (quantity) 100) R8,700 including VAT

(minimum quantity 100)

Buy 500 and get cash-back bonus of R3,300.00
Buy 1000 and get cash-back bonus of R6,600,00

Branding price extra

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